How productive are your staff?

Published on November 10, 2016

From the team meeting to the board room, Productivity (or lack of) in the workplace never fails to spark debate and the latest studies show that as much as a staggering 38% of a working day can be misspent.

Enhancing productivity is not always an easy task, especially in large back offices with high numbers of employees, diversification of roles and never ending enhancements to business processes.

There are the usual culprits for time wastage, such as social media  and smart phones, but by looking past the obvious and understanding your business you can identify the  root causes of distraction and time wasting in the workplace.

Employee engagement can dwindle if staff lack specific skills and need the relevant training or if they are simply being allocated an unfair amount of work. This can determine the quality of that individual’s output and affect the performance of the company, and ultimately, the customer service provided.

At Corporate Modelling, our core focus is providing businesses with tools that enable managers to optimise their back-office processes.

We help businesses to take a holistic view of performance, allocation of tasks and work output with the goal of improving the company’s performance from both a revenue and customer experience perspective.

If you are interested in knowing more about how our software feeds real time data to back-office managers and how this can help shape their decision-making process, contact us for more information

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