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Introducing OPX – our innovative software suite specifically developed to transform back office operations.

OPX is proven to increase productivity and utilisation, reduce costs, cycle times and complaints while improving quality and customer service.

Introducing OPX

OPX is an innovative digital operations transformation software suite specifically developed to transform back office operations and streamline the integration with front office processes.

Highly modular and quick to implement, OPX supports the end-to-end processes from the digital capture of incoming work, back office workforce optimisation, smart work allocation, robotic process automation (RPA) to the automated output of digital customer communications.

OPX is proven to:
  • increase productivity
  • increase utilisation
  • reduce costs
  • reduce cycle times
  • reduce complaints
  • improve quality
  • improve customer service

Why use OPX

Here are just a few of the reasons our customers use OPX...

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In conjunction with HCL IBS, and Admin Re OPX, our digital transformation solution won the WfMC award for excellence in BPM and workflow for two successive years.

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