Corporate Modelling was founded in 2008 by Graham Twaddle having previously created two successful B2B software application companies.

The nucleus of the Corporate Modelling development team, based in Glasgow, UK and led by Graham have been working together for over 15 years providing transformational software solutions to solve key business operations efficiency problems.

OPX is the result of over 200 man years of business focused enterprise software development and was conceived to provide a broad, functional, cost effective and yet easy to implement solution to aid the digital transformation of back office operations.

Management Team

  • Graham Twaddle

    Chairman & Chief Architect

    Graham is an internationally renowned guru of business process modelling and information technology, with a valued reputation amongst the major consultancy enterprises. Previously he was a director of Sherwood International PLC and was the architect of process modelling systems in financial services and central government.

  • Alex Allan


    Alex has more than twenty years experience in IT software and professional services. He has served on the board of entrepreneurial companies driving worldwide sales strategy. Alex has worked in multiple sectors delivering IT business solutions to finance, health, education, government and commercial enterprise.

  • Peter Neilson


    Peter has over twenty years of experience in software and database development and architecture, including extensive involvement in financial services, process-modelling and workflow systems and the design and development of software tools. Peter has worked for Sherwood International PLC, SunGard Financial Services and PwC.

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