Case Study

The OPX project was initiated to design, build and implement a back-office workforce optimisation solution for outsourcing organisation HCL IBS. However, it developed into a unique proposition - a transaction management solution that manages the back office workforce through intelligent task allocation, role/performance analysis and the elimination of case ownership within a factory-like/production line model.


Previously HCL had no strong mechanism to manage their paper heavy, back office facility. They needed to change how they worked. And this meant a transformation of their business model and culture.

HCL knew they didn't want a workflow tool, but a workforce management solution. In short, an answer to how they might best move work around their business more efficiently and cost effectively that would encompass transactional and people management to improve the customer journey.


  • To reduce end to end processing time
  • To allow for capacity planning
  • To change the business operating model for good
  • To introduce an objective viewpoint of matching work to skills, allowing HCL to appraise and manage their people better
  • To alter individual behaviour and ultimately culture, irrespective of geographical boundaries or offshore anomalies
  • To adopt a quality assured, completely integrated, granular workforce management system
  • To facilitate individual and team permissions to be set


Aligning people, volumes and frequency, breaking every process down into 'activities' and then competencies. Capturing a whole plethora of information they never had before, enabling HCL to actively manage the customer journey, redefine their quality management programme and change the shape and costs associated with running their organisation.


A transformation of their business model from a cumulative, task owned, paper heavy functionary to a linear, end-to-end process of transactions and tasks, modelled, monitored and managed on the basis of 'live' data and the objective of improving the customer journey.

As such, OPX achieved a 15% increase in the number of transactions processed per person for HCL.

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