How OPX Works

With a philosophy of business transformation backed by a unique software solution, OPX is proven to change organisations for good. Our goal is to transform your business into the office of the future, by affecting the necessary change in individuals and culture to meet your goals.

By taking a bird's eye view of the culture of an organisation as well as a root and branch examination of business processes, OPX provides true insight and, uniquely, foresight to ensure that the dynamic of your business is matched and often surpassed by the dynamic application of our software solution to reduce end to end processing time of work and so improve the customer journey.


OPX gets to the parts of your business other change platforms cannot reach, capturing every single action of every single processing step in real time. And mathematical modelling at the outset ensures what is to be prioritised in the future.

By better leveraging your resources, OPX plans for workforce management, not workflow. It's an altogether different phenomena, providing the means for management to exercise greater governance over the organisation's, team and individual skills sets in real time, through more cohesive and linear work allocation.


OPX enables a wholly co-operative implementation of change. It defines, develops and delivers a tangible transformation that is received well, responded to positively and realises the ambitions and full potential of individuals and organisations alike.

Yet, while the change is great, the touch is light. Through innovative and technically advanced software, that sits comfortably above your existing IT systems, OPX pushes the performance within your operations to a higher level, improving your productivity and reducing overall costs.

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