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OPX embodies the evolution of operational workforce management. Tailored to your organisation, from a single platform, it will ensure your people, processes and technology are the best they can be.

It takes significant expertise and attention to detail to achieve operational excellence and ultimately improve your customer journey. OPX will allow your organisation to conduct business on its own terms, managing the throughput of work efficiently, economically and not at the behest of your legacy systems. And it continues to aid the elimination of efficiencies long after implementation.

And in implementing OPX, personnel understand the expected outcome, with the clear vision of your Senior Management implicit throughout.

Transforming business

OPX gives all in your organisation a dynamic, tangible connection with real change. Strategic, yet pragmatic, OPX breaks your processes down so Operational Management can identify what's best for the company, customers, workforce, and align all three.

With this seamless transformation of people and processes, there's a greater shift in the way personnel work for the betterment of the organisation and themselves.

Managers and team leaders alike will embrace the introduction of the required change, as they implement, monitor and maintain the improvements. They'll be able to make 'live' adjustments to boost performance and increase efficiencies in real time, so reducing the end to end processing time of ongoing work and customer requests, as they manage the energy and performance expended by individuals.

A cooperative way to implement change

Change can represent more than a challenge for your HR team. However, with OPX on board, your Head of HR can take great strength from the very real alignment of tasks adjoining to skill set. It ensures skill sets fit tasks in-hand and refreshingly, if the task demands it, OPX begs the question, "Does our organisation need to create roles to enhance the business as a result?"

The premise with which we've built our platform is that OPX should generate enthusiasm and a willingness for change when staff are a part of it, so the process of our breaking down your processes has your personnel at its heart. OPX aids training, leads to more successful appraisals and allows personnel to be all they can be. It's a smarter and a wholly more cooperative way to better leverage your resources, to realise both individual potential.

Intelligent task allocation

OPX provides ongoing continuous improvement opportunities for individuals and an organisation. Nowhere more so than within the often paper heavy and multi-stepped processes of the financial services sector.

Processes where individuals attempt to own the entire job in-hand serves no-one well. OPX recognises the need within the sector for ownership of the task to be with the business and not the individual.

As such, OPX captures and 'hands-off' all tasks, to ensure that the organisation exceeds all customer service demands, operational time and therefore costs are reduced and that the right work gets to the right person, at the right time.

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