OPX is a revolutionary workforce management software solution for back-office organisations. OPX provides visibility of process and a holistic view of performance, even at a very granular level. By highlighting any inefficiencies, bottlenecks and skills shortages, it optimises the results achieved by their employees and increases workforce productivity.

OPX defines what success looks like for an organisation, its teams, individuals and ultimately, its customers.

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  • 15.8%

    Reduction in operational costs

    OPX reduces the labour intensity of processes and realises business efficiencies preciously untapped.

  • 12.5%*

    Improved quality(Right First Time)

    OPX helps your people become more productive, eradicating waste and eliminating mistakes.
    * typical real world statistics

  • 70%

    Reduction in customer complaints

    OPX delivers real change in workforce management, ensuring individual skills are best utilised to improve the customer journey.

  • 14.8%

    Increase in processing over 18 month period

    With OPX, change is tangible, visible in real time and measurable.

"OPX has revolutionised the way we do things around here. From culture to MI, we now have the tools to make quality process improvement that has a dramatic impact on the bottom line."

Brian McPhail
Head of Customer Services, Admin Re

  • Philosophy

    OPX defines, develops and delivers change that is received well, responded to positively and realises the ambitions of individuals and organisations...

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  • Planning

    By better leveraging your resources OPX plans for workforce management not workflow. It's an altogether different phenomena...

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  • Implementation

    The change is great, the touch is light... OPX delivers innovative and technically advanced solutions that push the performance...

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OPX utilises a range of leading-edge tools and technology to manage your throughput and to measure performance. The integrated Management Information and Quality Assurance modules track what your people are achieving in real-time, and highlights skills and training opportunities.

  • Person-centric skill-based work allocation, the right person for the right work, every time
  • Open and closed Quality Assurance allowing for ensuring continuous quality
  • Performance management of individuals and teams
  • Sits above your existing systems with minimal integration requirements
  • Ancillary modules ID&V, wiki, news, distributed help desk, chat
  • Capacity planning for front and back office staff shows what's needed when
  • Workforce management allowing real-time allocation of resources
  • Integrated complaints system with full regulatory reporting
  • Real-time daily, weekly and annual planning of work and resources
  • Real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) at every level of the organisation
  • Real-time Management Information, rolling KPI's and hotspot identification
  • Monitor multiple sites whether they're located at home or overseas
  • Process reports including daily performance and utilisation per person
  • Utilisation analysis showing real-time and daily utilisation per person or team


Our OPX solution won the WfMC award for excellence in BPM and workflow for two successive years.

OPX was developed to design, build and implement a transaction management solution to manage the throughput of policyholder transactions using a factory based end-to-end model. Our first client, HCL IBS has benefitted from increased productivity and operational efficiency including a progressive reduction in overall operating costs of 15%. Admin Re saw an increase of more than 15% in work output, a reduction of 15% in operational costs and satisfaction with complaint handling has risen to 98%.

OPX in action


OPX is a suite of cutting edge technology that delivers a range of tangible benefits including:

  • Improved productivity and utilisation
  • Reduced operational cost and improved quality
  • Maximise throughput by managing dependencies
  • Improve quality process QA by trapping issues early
  • No back office platform dependency
  • Continual improvement metrics
  • Reduced cycle times by tracking "hand offs"
  • Reduced cost of processing by increasing productivity
  • "One and done" process improvement
  • Reduce resources required by managing utilisation
  • Increased accountability and improved customer service
  • Skills & competency analysis for capacity planning/training

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