Enterprise Improvement is an integrated suite of tools that provides a single comprehensive environment for enterprise and Business Process Improvement (BPI). Model and analyse existing processes, then use the integrated simulation and data analysis tools to test new process designs, integrating models with real-world data for unrivalled accuracy.

Enterprise Improvement is template-based, allowing any conceivable BPI methodology to be implemented and deployed in a straight-forward manner. Predefined templates include the widespread DMAIC Six Sigma methodology. All models, data and analyses are held in a common database repository, ensuring data integrity and eliminating incompatibilities between different process models.

Who is it for?

  • Do you run a team of consultants and have your own standard approach that you like them to follow?

  • Are you responsible for providing and delivering methodology and standards in an end-user organisation?

  • Are you fed up with the cost of buying and maintaining multiple modelling products across your company?

  • Do you ship BPMS software and want to provide the functionality yourself instead of giving revenue to others?

If any of the above statements apply to you then contact us now because Enterprise Improvement could be just what you have been waiting for. An affordable modelling, analysis and design tool that works the way you want it! And it's available at a price point that makes it practical and affordable to ensure that everyone who needs it can have it.


Enterprise Improvement delivers the ease of Visio with the power and functionality of high-end modelling tools.

The toolkit comes with full repository-based functionality and support for multi-user working. It can be configured with a wide range of analysis, design and reporting tools according to your needs. With the ability to only deliver the functions your users need, you can ensure that your modelling environment is easy to use and so more readily accepted by them.

  • Repository-based
  • Process maps (BPMN Standard v1.1)
  • Stand-alone user support
  • Report generation
  • Role-based permissions
  • Click-once updates
  • Skills and competencies gathering
  • Swim-lane support
  • Cycle-time analysis
  • FTE analysis
  • Data capture against process diagrams
  • Takt-time analysis
  • Value-add analysis
  • Project risks register
  • Project issues register
  • Document associations
  • Process data spreadsheet generator
  • Process comparisons
  • Project/task management
  • Project charter
  • Organisation modeller
  • Path costing and time analysis
  • Report generation from the database
  • Document view, import, export, delete
  • Hierarchical data explorer (navigator)
  • Project assumptions and actions register
  • Printing of oversized process diagrams

Visual Process Designer

While many BPI analysts use products such as Microsoft Visio, Enterprise Improvement goes further. It has built-in validation rules for checking that process diagrams conform to standard BPMN conventions. If can also be tailored by Corporate Modelling to include your preferred rules, symbols or properties.


  • Integrated simulation
  • Code-generation
  • Process comparison tools
  • Visual process designer linked to live process model
  • Automatic report generation from the data repository
  • Workflow XPDL extracts to our or a third party's workflow engines

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June 3, 2016

Enterprise Improvement

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