A Business Rule Engine (BRE) is a software component that allows nonprogrammers to add or change business logic in a Business Process Management (BPM) system. A business rule is a statement that describes a business policy or procedure.

Using the Corporate Modelling approach, your unique business rules can be deployed into a realtime environment: web services, Windows services and desktop or server applications. This allows for exceedingly fast decision processing paramount for today's business systems.

Business Rules technology is used for a wide variety of business logic opportunities, including:

  • Data validation

  • Data quality

  • User interface validation

  • Message validation

  • Decision processing

  • Process routing logic


Using our grid technology, the rules can be applied on high volume batch processing. This flexibility allows the same rules to be deployed to multiple consumers an advantage when dealing with remote systems that do not always have online access. Managing rules can become complex as the numbers increase. The business rules repository allows you to store rules by date, time and version. It also allows you to tag rules against set groups you define, such as products, processes, geographies and customer classes.


  • Advanced

    Corporate Modelling has one of the most advanced business rules engine technologies on the market.

  • Unlimited

    Unlike others, the Corporate Modelling Business Rules Engine uses a code generation paradigm and therefore does not suffer from rule scaling issues as the number of parameters or rules increases.

  • Customisation

    If you have a business decision that needs to be automated, contact us at Corporate Modelling - we are happy to customise the rules gathering or deployment mechanisms to suit your needs.

Case Study

Who is the client?

Our client is a leading provider of retirement, long term care, protection and equity release products to the impaired health market.

What were the challenges for the client?

Our client required a new underwriting solution to cater for the specialist nature of their business. They realised that the way in which their rules were combined and scored was simply too complex for the any of the "off the shelf" solutions that they had previously investigated. They required a solution that could deliver real-time performance, as business was being automatically underwritten via the company's portals, used by brokers and networks.

How did Corporate Modelling help?

In a highly competitive market it was essential that the solution provided them with flexibility and agility to change rules and combinations quickly and easily. It also needed to cope with the complexity and scope of the work involved. Using Corporate Modelling's Business Rules Engine, they were able to create their very own, custom, automated underwriting platform that met all these essential requirements.

What was the time frame of the project?

Corporate Modelling worked closely and efficiently with our client's in-house IT and business teams to deliver a finished solution in under three months.

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